STSK was started by Tim Miller for two basic reasons: First and most importantly, to teach people the proper knowledge, skills and attitude to safely handle firearms. As an owner of a firearm, nothing is more important than safety. The second goal of STSK is to teach people how to live their day-to-day lives safe from crime. We offer course such as The NRA Refuse To Be A Victim class that is not a firearms training course. The NRA Refuse To Be A Victim is a course designed to teach you how to live your life safely from day to day. We also offer courses that teach you to defend you and your family in a life threatening situation.

According to experts on crime, the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the decision to refuse to be a victim. Most of our courses will explain and enforce that philosophy. We offer courses that range from understanding weaknesses in your daily routines to defending yourself from a criminal attack. You do not need to own a gun for STSK instructors to teach you how to be safe, but if you choose to own one for defense, we have courses on using firearms for personal protection.

At STSK we believe it is the duty of every gun owner to be taught safe and proper firearms handling for these three basic reasons:

#1 People should learn safe gun handling before they purchase a firearm.

#2 People should to understand how the firearm they own functions.

#3 People should know the safe and proper way to fire the gun they own.

If you take one of these three elements away, it is not good for anyone. Safety is the most important factor for in owning a firearm. Without proper training, firearms ownership could be dangerous and frustrating. A lack of understanding about how firearms work will likely lead to concerns about your own safe handling of your firearm. As a result, you will not feel comfortable enough to practice shooting it at a range or be confident enough to use a firearm in a threatening situation.


Note:  Once a class is paid for it is nonrefundable because we held the date. The full amount can be applied toward other classes within one year unless you cancel out more than once on the same class.


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