STSK Conceal Carry Level 1

 This 5-6 hour course will teach:

Holster types and carry positions (Including off body). Types of firearms for conceal carry.B410C6369


How to present from a holster 

Return to holster

After action drills

Failure to stop

Presenting from concealment

Malfunction – drills Type 1 -2 – 3

FBI rule of threes




Requirements– A belt that must be attached via belt loops, an Outside The Waistband Holster, a mag pouch that mounts on your belt, a garment to conceal the firearm. We suggest bringing 250 rounds of ammo. You must know basic firearms manipulation: load mag, reload, slide stop, sight picture, trigger control, sight alignment.  No open toe shoes.


  Course is taught by Pat Foley 

 Distinguished Graduate of Front Site (both strong hand and weak hand)

 Ex Federal Law Enforcement Officer

 26 Years Military

Email Tim at [email protected]

 Course fee is $300.00 for a private session, or $200.00 each for more than one person.