STSK Conceal Carry Level 1

 This 5-6 hour course will teach:

Holster types and carry positions (Including off body). Types of firearms for conceal carry.B410C6369

How to present from a holster 

Presenting from concealment

Return to holster

After action drills

FBI rule of threes

Shooting while retreating 

Failure to stop

Malfunction – drills Type 1 -2 – 3


Requirements– A belt that must be attached via belt loops, an Outside The Waistband Holster, a mag pouch that mounts on your belt, a garment to conceal the firearm. We suggest bringing 250 rounds of ammo. You must know basic firearms manipulation: load mag, reload, slide stop, sight picture, trigger control, sight alignment.  No open toe shoes.


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Course fee is $300.00 for a private session, or $200.00 each for more than one person.