STSK Intro to pistol shooting sports

For questions email  – preregistration and prepayment is required. Cost for this class including range time is $50.00 per person.

April 4th 2015 at 9:00am – starts at Cabela’s in Hamburg then moves to Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club for the shooting portion of the class. Address for Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club is 8100 Gun Club Road, New Tripoli, PA 18066  

This class is for anyone who has wanted to know what shooting sports are all about and have never participated in a shooting sport. If you are not familiar with shooting sports and want to learn something fun to do with your pistol this will is the class to take!

This is a fun low pressure way to learn what to expect at a shooting competition and try several shooting sports. STSK Instructors will be teaching everything you need to know to participate in a shooting sport. We will review safety, several shooting sports, how to find competitions in our area and equipment.

After the classroom portion we will have a short break to grab lunch and pick up any last minute items you might want.  

Then we will meet at the range at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club. You will be able to shoot at least 3 different stages from 3 different shooting sports.

Cost is $50.00 per person (normal price is $150.00). Preregistration is required.

What you need

  • Eye and hearing protection.B410C6540crop
  •  Your legally owned handgun. Most popular pistol caliber handguns are able to be used. No magnums on steel stage. Revolvers and autos are able to be used in all sports we will be showing. Cabela’s policy is to not allow privately owned firearms in the classroom. Please secure your handgun in your car when you arrive for the classroom session. All firearms must be in cases boxes or bags when you arrive at the range.
  • At least 100 rounds of ammo. No FMJ or steel core ammo maybe used on the steel stage. Copper plated lead and lead bullets are allowed.
  • Extra magazines, speed loaders or moon clips.
  • No open toed Shoes.

Class is limited to only 30 people. Ages 12 and over. Anyone who is 12 to 20 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

For questions email and to preregister please CLICK  HERE  – preregistration and prepayment is required. Cost for this class including range time is $50.00 per person. Please register no later than March 31st.