B410C6548Most people are aware that violent crimes happen more in no light or low light situations.

But most people have never practiced shooting in the dark while holding a flashlight.

This is a class to introduce students to shooting while holding a flashlight. This course requires proof of basic firearms proficiency. Prior firearms training with a certificate of training from an accredited firearms training school (NRA, STSK, etc.) or participation in an approved/recognized competitive shooting event is required.  It is preferred that you do not bring a weapon mounted tactical flashlight since we will be practicing different ways of holding a flashlight in the weak hand while shooting.

Some of the subjects to be covered in this class are:

Flashlight types; pros and cons.

5 different methods of flashlight hold and their origin; pros and cons.

Dry Fire practice. This will be done before beginning live fire in the class.

Review and practice of RITUALS.

Discussion and practice of a LOAD PLAN.

Requirements – Your legally owned handgun and the owners manual.  Eye and hearing protection. No open toed shoes. A bright smaller handheld flashlight, preferably with a retention strap, a strong/sturdy belt that must be attached via belt loops to long pants, an Outside The Waistband (OWB) Holster that attaches securely to your belt, a mag pouch or speed loader that attaches to your belt, a garment to conceal the firearm, eye and ear protection. We suggest bringing 200 rounds of ammo. You must know basic firearms safety and manipulation of your gun: load mag or cylinder, reload, slide stop, sight picture, sight alignment and trigger control. Appropriate footwear – No open toe shoes or sandals. We recommend a ball cap style hat for brass deflection. 

Private sessions are $300.00 They can be scheduled any time you and the instructor is available. If more than one person attends the price per student will be less.

Go to the Home Page and join the STSK email list so you are alerted when larger classes are being held. The larger classes are less money per student.


Please email tim@stsk.us if you have any questions or want to book a class.