NRA Personal Protection In The Home

This course is taught by insured NRA Pistol Instructors,

This 8 hour course will teach you the proper knowledge, skills and attitude for personal defense in your home. Some of the subjects that will be covered are defensive handgun shooting, selecting a handgun for personal defense and strategies to improve your home security. This course also reviews gun laws on possession, ownership and the use of deadly force. We will also review responding to a violent confrontation and suggestions on local shooting sports to help you train and several other topics.

Requirements: NRA First steps or NRA Basic certificate or an NRA pistol competitive shooting qualification card, or have participated in shooting sports, your legally owned handgun with owner’s manual, 150 rounds of ammo for the gun you are bringing, at least two magazines or speed loaders for the firearm you are bringing, dress for the weather, no open toes shoes.

This course can only be taken if you already have an NRA Basic Handgun, NRA First steps certificate or an NRA pistol competitive shooting qualification card. The certificates do not have to be from an STSK course. If you received your certificate from another instructor please email us a copy of the certificate before signing up for this class.

This course is $250.00 per person and is normally taught in a classroom environment. Ask us about our bundle packages to earn an NRA Basic pistol or NRA First Steps pistol certificate. Watch for upcoming course announcements for this season. Or email to be added to our emailing list of upcoming classes.

We do offer private one on one sessions: $500.00 for one person and $700.00 for two people.

Email Tim at to schedule a private course.