STSK Intro to Shotgun Course

This course is taught by an STSK certified firearms instructor,

Learn what makes many people in the firearms industry call the shotgun the most versatile firearm ever made. This class is taught with the STSK Introduction to shotgun course manual that will give you the basic information and techniques shotgun. This course includes classroom and range time learning your shotgun or one that is supplied by us. If you do not own a shotgun but want to take our course we can supply a shotgun for you. We will review the different kinds of shotguns and teach you how they work. You’ll learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling, shotgun parts and operation, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, range rules, at moving clay targets and continued opportunities for skill development. You will receive the STSK Shotgun Student Manual, and course completion certificate.

For more information or to book a course: Email Tim at for more information or to book a session.

Requirements: Bring your legally owned shotgun with owners manual, eye protection, hearing protection, any accessories you have purchased and about 50 rounds of bird shot ammo. (if you do not know what ammo to buy let us know before the course) Please wear comfortable clothing and dress for the weather. No open-toed shoes. Minimum age 8 years old. We require a parent or guardian to be with children ages 8 – 17.

No open-toed shoes.Minimum age 8 years old. We require a parent or guardian to be with children ages 8 – 17.

Price: The price is $300.00 for a private session. If you bring a friend or relative the price drops to $200.00 each.