The STSK Basic Pistol Level 2 Class is for anyone who has either taken the Before I Buy or the Intro To Pistol course and has fired their handgun at least once at the range since the class. This course starts with a short classroom session to review firearms safety, shooting techniques and many other topics that will improve your shooting skills. The majority of this class is live fire on the range. This course is taught using your own handgun. We will also get you comfortable with using a holster for your handgun. You will learn how to engage multiple targets and drills that will help improve your speed and accuracy. This is the perfect class to take before an advanced class such as Conceal Carry 1, Low Light, or Intro to Shooting Sports.

Requirements: Bring your legally owned handgun with owners manual, an outside the waistband (OWB) holster with a sturdy belt, magazine pouch/holster (see upper left photo), at least 2 magazines, eye protection, hearing protection, a brimmed hat and any accessories you have purchased. You will need about 200 rounds of ammo. Please wear comfortable clothing and dress for the weather. No open-toed shoes. Minimum age 8 years old. We require a parent or guardian to be with children ages 8 – 17.

This course is taught by an insured STSK certified Pistol instructor.

Price: The price is $300.00 for a private session. If you bring a friend or relative the price drops to $200.00 each.

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