STSK Tactical ShotgunB098C154

This is an 6 hour class.
Classroom session 2 hour: Ammunition Selection, Proper ammo for target, firearms selection and accessories.
Range time 4  hours: Urban tactical usage of a shotgun, engaging multiple targets, shooting through cover, how to engage target in hostage situations, one handed shooting & reloading, loading with one hand and clearing malfunctions.
Requirements- This is an advanced course, student must know in advance how to operate firearm.  Firearm must be either an auto or pump, no select fire shotguns.

This course is taught by an NRA Law Enforcement Instructor

You will need birdshot, rifled slugs, and 00 Buckshot.
One on one private courses, couples courses and small groups.
Private one on one course: $350.00
Couples Course: $225.00 each
Small groups of 4 -5 people are $200.00 each.

For more information or to book a course: Email Tim at for more information or to book a session.