STSK Corporate Team Building – Pistol

If you want your employees to have a fun experience and learn skills they will value for years, we have the perfect event for your company! Our team building pistol class will give the participants an education that can help them for the rest of their lives. We teach the STSK Intro to pistol program then take everyone to the range to try competition shooting sports or teach personal defense drills. The STSK Intro to Pistol Program teaches firearms safety, proper firearms handling, including how different firearms work, how ammunition works, and how to shoot. This class includes the STSK Intro to Pistol certificate of completion, a student handbook and information on shooting sports. On the range we will create teams to shoot different shooting disciplines from speed shooting to precision shooting. We can also customize the course based on your company’s needs. We supply the guns, targets and ammo. Please contact to check on availability and pricing. Expect this course to take up to 5 hours.